Thoughts From A Message Board: TJ Moe Edition


Mizzou wide receiver TJ Moe isn’t exactly an interview subject who is prone to tossing out assembly line quotes.  He has a tendency to be outspoken, whether it be via his Twitter feed or an ESPN Q&A session on Mizzou’s move to the SEC like the one posted earlier this week

And when a guy like Moe takes a few calculated shots at both his former conference and his new one, using the phrase “poking the hornet’s nest” isn’t quite appropriate when describing the reaction in the comments section. We’re talking about SEC fans here. Questioning their conference is more akin to “poking the hornet’s nest, then cutting it down with hedgeclippers and stomping it with your bare foot.”

So we scrolled through the 2,000+ comments on the column and, before our eyes rolled back into our head, managed to pull five that we found equal parts symbolic and entertaining even in the bizarro world of anonymous commenting (in no particular order):

Number of vindictive SEC memory banks officially entered by TJ Moe: 1.  And with seven symbols representing the curse word he chose, we’re placing our money on “yankee bastard”. Come on, you don’t think he knows how many letters that has in it do you?

No conference rallies around the collective league like the SEC does.  That’s why you hear “S-E-C” chants quite a bit more than you’ll ever hear, say…someone chanting “At-lan-tic-Ten” at a SLU game.  And if a league newcomer like Moe is even suggesting the conference might be overrated, then it’s not just that individual player that is kicking them in the collective nuts, it’s his whole university. 

Sorry, Mizzou, according to the Arkansas fan with the puntastic alter ego, you’re all on the hook for this one.

Crack sandwiches in Missouri?  C’mon, they have to know that it’s way more likely to see someone snacking on a Meth Sandwich in this state.

Nothing demonstrates that you’re ahead of the comedic curve quite like seeing the word “Moe” and immediately dipping into the trusty bag of Three Stooges jokes.  Those puppies never get old.  

Again, this isn’t just a rag tag gang of 14 schools who play football together occasionally – this is the freaking S. E. C. So when a fanboy uses the word “we”, he isn’t just referring to the team he follows around the country in an RV.  He’s been given the proper clearance by league authorities to reference all the teams.

Check yourself, TJ.  You may play football in the SEC while this guy sits on his couch watching it, but he’s way more SEC than you will ever be.



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