Uninspired Mizzou Loss Leads to Rough Day for Truman the Tiger


After watching the Mizzou Tigers team for which he provides unwavering support stumble in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last night, school mascot Truman the Tiger took it harder than most.  Though he stood strong on the sideline to provide a positive example for his crew of cheerleaders during the game, after the final whistle blew, Truman headed out in Washington DC to blow off steam that had been building up since Mike Anderson’s squad began their sharp downward slide in late February.

Our photographers followed to keep tabs on the beloved mascot.  His first stop was to obtain the ammunition for what would become a rough morning…even for a giant, bipedaled tiger/man hybrid…

Hours after his early stop at a local liquor store, Truman headed out to see some historical sites and allowed his emotion to run unchecked, clearly affecting the experience others had at the famous Lincoln Memorial steps.  First hand witnesses claimed that a manimal was screaming obscenities and claiming that he was representing “whatever team played freaking Kansas that day”…

Allegedly egged on by some teenage students claiming they thought Colorado should have gotten a Tournament bid over Mizzou, Truman disappeared and minutes later was seen on the opposite side of the White House fence, doing sets of pushups and sobbing in between…

Not surprisingly, the poor performance of his Tigers had proven to be the first domino to set off a chain of events that led to the one place he didn’t want to make an appearance at.  Officers declined his request to repel from the ceiling into the mug shot photo booth…

Though his energy remained boundless, his spirit had been broken…school officials are confident it will return in time for football season.


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