If You Have to Criticize the Refs via Social Media, There’s Always Instagram


Athletes love them some social media.  It’s 2012, and like everyone else, they’re busy cranking away on Twitter and Facebook before and after games.  Hell, there may even be one or two on Google+. 

90% of the time it’s purposely vague statements that could be related to the game we just watched or maybe a disappointing round of Call of Duty that night.  And sometimes it’s just random questions about the shelf life of cake.  Whatever.

But it gets more interesting when true opinions come out after the guard goes down. And we mean that  literally, when a point guard gets thrown to the ground. 

In the case of Mizzou’s Phil Pressey, after he was tackled by Thomas Robinson in the final play of regulation in Saturday’s loss to Kansas, he voiced his displeasure with the refs on one of the underused athlete media tools – Instagram:

It’s a pretty simple formula to accomplish the duel goals of keeping it under the radar while still poking the opponent’s fan base.

Toss a filter on it so it looks like the play took place in 1982, add a well-placed hashtag on your post so KU fans stumble on to it, then upload it a social media outlet that the Big 12 brass probably doesn’t know exists yet and you’re good to go. 

But next time don’t be shy, Phil and go all out with the .gif…



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