Who Has the Finest Dunk in Mizzou Basketball History?


The Top 50 dunks in NCAA History were compiled and ranked by “Mixst311″ who recently published the inevitably-viral YouTube video that was featured by Yahoo! Sports and SLAM Online amongst other sites.  The video creator spent over two years compiling information and video footage and establishing the subjective rankings in an order that is somewhat hard to disagree with.

Mizzou legends such as Derrick Chievous, Anthony Peeler, Rickey Paulding and Doug Smith all put forth ample hammer dunks during their time spent in black and gold, but none of their submissions managed made the cut.  The Tiger player who threw down what is now viewed as, not only the finest dunk ever by a Tiger, but the 17th best in NCAA history was…Jason Conley.

You’re probably trying to remember who the hell Jason Conley was and what that dunk looked like.

To answer the first part, Conley was seen as a potential superstar arriving at Mizzou in 2004 as a junior transferring from VMI after racking up an NCAA-high 29 points per game as a freshman.

Despite the freakish scoring average his freshman year, he showed only a few relative bursts during his first in Columbia,  a year in which the Tigers fell from their Top 5 spot to being unranked, barely over .500 and missing the NCAA Tournament. His senior season was a slight improvement with him averaging 10 points per game, but the team finished 16-17 and were just a year away from Quin Snyder sinking the program and resigning mid-season.

To answer the second part of that rhetorical question, fast forward to the 8:55 mark of this video…

With his legacy being fairly generic otherwise, Jason Conley had one moment to carve out a legend as the Tiger that delivered the finest dunk in school history.


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