NFL to replace extra point with physical challenge

The NFL is investigating the possibility of eliminating the extra point after touchdowns in favor of something a bit more dramatic.  As league commissioner Roger Goodell recently stated, “Any dolt can hit a short kick – even the Raiders.”  One very popular idea?  Replace the PAT try with a physical challenge selected at random using a “Giant Wheel of Football Things”.

Ex. Under the proposed rule change, the St Louis Rams could score a touchdown and be awarded 7 points.  They would then be given a choice to either accept the 7 points or try for an 8th point.  In order to receive the 8th point, the punter would spin the wheel, and the placekicker would then attempt the physical challenge as determined by the spin.

As an example, Johnny Hekker could spin the wheel using Hello Kitty mittens, and Greg Zuerlein may then attempt to kick a baseball off of a tee 30 yards and strike the crossbar.  While wearing bunny slippers.


A failed attempt would result in the loss of a point and a bucket of slime being dumped on the head coach.  It’s a win-win, and I double dare the NFL to do it.


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  1. Richard, I like what Molk can bring to the table, but he can he go from day 1? Will EDS take us through the year and give way to Molk or atonher center next season?I’m thinking TT won’t sign any big name free agents and take the third (comp pick for Flynn) and fourth (possible comp pick for Wells).

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