A Big Day at JoeSportsFan.com


Today marks a new era at JoeSportsFan.com.  For the first time since the site was founded in 2005, our sole focus is St. Louis sports.  It’s taken a few years for our tone and style to resonate locally, but we finally feel that this adoption intersects with our ambition to cover what we know best: the Cardinals, Rams and Blues.

With that announcement comes to complementary nuggets of information…

1.) We’re launching a completely redesigned website.

Oh, you’ve already seen it.

Boy, what a buzz kill.

2.) We’re bringing back the weekly podcast known as The JoeSportsFan Show.

That’s right.  Starting in March 2012, we’ll expand our fan-centric St. Louis empire by tickling your eardrums on a weekly basis.  But, we need your help.

In order to keep listening free and independent, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign with a reasonable financial goal that will provide the necessary resources to host, produce and distribute a professional weekly show.

But best of all, we’re hoping that this campaign defines an audience that views JoeSportsFan as an enjoyable and interactive part of their local sports experience.  A complement to the traditional coverage, if you will.  By donating to the campaign, you become an owner/insider in the show and the concept itself.  You’ll become part of the action.

And with your ongoing support, JoeSportsFan will continue to be THE unique sports content provider created for St. Louis fans, by St. Louis fans.

Despite being one of the finest sports cities in America, St. Louis has lacked a truly unique voice of the fan. Like most of our counterparts in the bleachers, we see sports as entertainment.  We think it’s okay to mix in a little humor to complement the fanatical tendencies we all possess and we’d like to think you’re on board with that.

Donations range from $1 to $10,000…with plenty of rewards to boot.

So please, stop on by and find out more about the show and our campaign.




  • Matt,

    The redesign is awesome. Can’t wait for the podcast!


  • DB says:

    Instead of donating, I’m going to give Bakes a $5 voucher for a prop bet on Super Bowl Sunday. Good luck.

  • Josh Bacott says:

    Appreciate that DB. I’m going to take the over on whatever the line is on total Gus’ pretzels are consumed by me.

  • Bernie Brewer says:

    Okay guys, fine, switch back to only STL stuff…
    …but to do it THE WEEK OF THE SUPER BOWL??!!!

    Ummmm…biggest event in all of pro sports. McFLYYYYY!!!

    Hmmm? In hindsight, maybe the launch should have been held until the opening of Cards’ Spring Training? Or, at least waited until the Blues’ next “significant” victory??

    There’s a lot of humor out there in the wide, wide world of sports, but what the heck STL is apparently humorous enough to sustain this li’l ol’ site.

    Annnnd, lastly, what’s with the little equation at the bottom that I have to solve prior to sending this email?? Fine, it’s a simple enough equation to answer, but it also makes me wonder, “do the equations get tougher as you post more comments?!!” Being a Liberal Arts Major, I was under the distinct impression that THERE WOULD BE NO MATH!

    • Bernie Brewer says:


      “…prior to sending this COMMENT…”

      Geez, I deal with way too much email in the course of a work-day!

      Hey, whaddayaknow…the equations DO get tougher!

      How many comments before a reader gets to the Algebra level??

  • Mark Dierker says:

    Congratulations Matt and Josh on the success. Keep it going. Best wishes, always – Mark

  • Josh Bacott says:

    Bernie, we all know that trying to find some interesting, unique angle on the Super Bowl is a futile effort. It’s still four days away from being played and I’m already sick of it.

    And we’re hoping that the company who wants to sell Uggz boots through our comment section on the old site isn’t very good at math either.

    • Bernie Brewer says:

      Well put, Josh.
      If this is all done in the name of getting rid of Brady’s Boot Pimpers, then one can hardly blame ya!

      Site looks slick. Keep up the great work. Don’t forget about those of us Worthless Card Collection addicts who need our fix of “new” cards every now and then!

  • article says:

    I’ll right away take hold of your rss as I can not to find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me recognize in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

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