A Cardinals Fan vs. Vegas Sportsbook


If you ever want to milk the cash cows in Las Vegas for a few hundred grand, you can certainly set up an elaborate card counting scheme like they did in the movie ’21′. Or put together an arrangement where a guy sitting two tables over taps on a little electrical device you’re connected to, so you know the cards the dealer is playing with (Casino, anyone? Joe Pesci?). Maybe just hit up Danny Ocean for a side gig.

Or there is the more straight-forward approach – bet on the Cardinals.

Granted it’s probably not the best strategy out there. Even when it works it won’t normally be a financial windfall. That is unless the season has gotten to the point where Vegas sees less than a 1% chance of the Cardinals making the playoffs, toppling the National League’s best two teams and steamrolling into the World Series. Just so happens that things played out that way, and one fan is walking away with a few bags of money…

In case your eyes welled up when realization set in that you could have made the same bet, we’ll navigate you through this ticket real quick. On September 12, the Cardinals had just swept the Braves to keep that sliver of Wild Card hope alive, with a 4.5 game deficit. MGM Grand had the odds of the Cardinals not just making the NLCS, but winning it at 500/1. When Jason Motte pumped home that final fastball on Sunday night, the $250 this guy slapped down at the betting window just turned into $125,000.

But hell, why not take the full plunge and drop $250 on the Cardinals to win the World Series? They were coming in at a healthy 999/1 that day. Let’s just say this guy will be watching the games this week with a bit more than team pride at stake.

If they win and you’re the average fan heading to Vegas to collect the $375,000 you won thanks to your team going on an unlikely rampage through the postseason, then suddenly the “Happy Flight” chant in the Cardinals locker room makes a whole lot more sense.


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