Angels Fans That Invested in MLB Extra Innings Finally Seeing a Return on Their Money


Earlier in the season, satellite provider DirecTV centered the marketing campaign for its MLB Extra Innings package on this commercial starring everybody’s favorite Benedict Arnold, Albert Pujols (or Bengedict Arngold if you’re saying it in your best Pujols imitation.)

If you haven’t yet seen this ad, take a peek:

If you were an Angels fan swayed into buying the MLB Extra Innings package based on this commercial, your investment might finally be starting to pay off.

After all, Pujols bombed his third home run of the season last night. With a season subscription fee of $223.96, that’s about $74.65 per home run so far this year for you, the DirecTV consumer.

Compared to the $12 million (or $4 million per home run – yes, we are quite the math majors here at JSF) Angels owner Arte Moreno paid this year to watch Pujols from a front row seat similar to the one he stole in the ad, that’s quite a bargain.

As with many things in life, this commercial leaves me with some questions.

1) Apparently one of the primary targets of this ad was Angel fans living outside Orange County, of which there are three, so I can see why it ran nationally. But did DirecTV really think this would help its cause in Cardinal Country, which only includes a big chunk of the Midwest and South? Would anyone living there really fork over that much cash to see Pujols the Angel anytime, day or night, except for when it’s lightly sprinkling outside? Ah, but that’s just flyover country, the bigwig execs at DirecTV probably rationalized. We don’t need them.

2) If Albert Pujols is really not on steroids, then how can he just rip out a metal seat that’s been bolted to concrete? I’m calling bullshit on that one. Time to ‘fess up, mang.

3) Is that lemonade Albert’s drinking on the plane…or is it a Greyhound?

4) Speaking of Greyhounds, does Albert Pujols really take the bus? And if so, do you think he gives up his seat for little old ladies? My guess is he does.

5) How do you think Pujols picked this particular guy to deliver the chair to? Did he just point into the phone book at random?

But perhaps the best part about this video is the description left by the original YouTube poster, which reads:

“Pujols’ first commercial as an Angel! Cardinal fans gonna hate of course!!! They can gargle my nutz!!! Go Angels!!!”

Ah, touché, though I’m not sure about Cardinal fans gargling your “nutz” there pal, but at least the Cardinals organization won’t be the ones eating that massive contract in a few years.

I have a feeling the subscription fee Moreno is paying to watch Pujols from those stolen seats this year is going to look like quite a bargain compared to a few years down the road.



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