Cubs committed to mascot with no pants


The Cubs now have an official mascot named “Clark”.  Clark is a “bear-cub mascot”, and Clark does not wear pants.  Possibly ever.  This seems like a really odd way to promote a more family friendly environment at Wrigley, but that’s not my call.


As a bonus, Clark’s team page clearly displays the team’s 2014 slogan – “Committed”.  Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.




  • Dee says:

    TC of the Twins doesn’t ‘wear pantss. I never really noticed it or cared before. And I still don’t.

  • Aaron says:

    Believe me, Cubs fans don’t like this any better than anybody else. As if we needed another reason to be an embarrassment.

    • Dennis Lawson says:

      I’m not sure what the other options were, but it does take a LOT for me to feel bad for the Cubs as an organization. This almost gets me there.

  • Michael Grubb says:

    Maybe he’s pantless because that’s what it feels like to be a Cubs fan. It’s like one of them, you know, metaphors.

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