Ep. 6 of the “JoeSportsFan Show”: The One with Murray Baron (and HOOKER)


Murray Baron played for the St. Louis Blues from 1991 – 1997….then fumbled around with 13 or 14 other NHL teams before making his way back to St. Louis in 2003 for a year before retiring.  He wore #6 for a few of those years before switching to #34.  He must have been a big Bo Jackson fan or something.

Among the obscure, yet necessary, references in Episode 6: Jack Clark, Ray Lankford, JD Drew, Jason Marquis, Troy Aikman, Carlos Zambrano, and Bob Tewksbury.  Freaking loaded.

Among the links/references made in Episode 6:

Cardinals “HOOKER” personalized jersey. (link)
eBay: “Got Sam Bradford” t-shirt. (link)
eBay: A signed Sam Bradford glossy photo….already? (link)
eBay: Sam Bradford Gold Coin. (link)
Jack “The Ripper” Clark’s new website (link)
Ray Lankford’s new website (link)
And…Ray Lankford on Twitter (link)
SLU signed basketball prospect, Rob Loe. (link)
More Wrigley Field alterations have Cubs fans is a tizzy. (link)

Episode 6 Song Credits:

“Get What You Give” by The New Radicals
“Everything’s Magic” by Angels and Airwaves

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