Episode 13: The One with Kurt Warner


Among the obscure, yet completely necessary references from Episode 13: Dmitri Young, Steve Bono, Brendan Ryan, Jeff Brantley, Ryan Franklin, Dennys Reyes, Tom Henke, Jack Clark and Mickey Mouse.

Episode 13 Hyperlink Feeding Frenzy:

2009 All Star Game Nostalgia: Grown Men with Gloves Circle Busch Stadium. (link)
2009 All Star Game Nostalgia: Denny Tidwell stealing the red carpet. (link)
Video summary of the Cardinals 9-run meltdown in Colorado. (link)
Former Cardinal Dmitri Young Enjoy the Weed. (link)
More Kurt Warner dancing.  Why not? (link)
STLTweet.com Tweet of the Week: @MatthewHLeach (link)

Episode 13 Song Credits:

“Get What You Give” by The New Radicals
“Everything’s Magic” by Angels and Airwaves

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