Five Reasons for St. Louisans to Bet Five Derby Horses


If you’re a fringe horse player who takes your handicapping skills to the betting window only on the first Saturday in May you’re probably someone who looks for any superficial reason to bet on a horse.  And frankly, there is nothing wrong with that. 

There are only so many Doug Nachman’s in this town. 

So if you’re still sifting through the 20 Derby entries to find out which one you should drop coin on, here are five names each with its very own completely unrelated reason why a proud St. Louisan would put them on their ticket…

1.) Mucho Macho Man – You may have thought it was nothing but a hyped up myth when you heard the story as a kid, but I’m hear to tell you that Macho Man Randy Savage – otherwise known by his real name, Randy Poffo – actually was a minor league baseball player in the Cardinals farm system in the 70′s. 183 of his 289 pro games were under the Cardinals flag. 

If you can’t root for a horse that shares a name with a pro wrestling legend who also played baseball in the Cardinals system, well, then maybe you’re not one of the best fans in baseball. 

2.) Uncle Mo – If the success of free agent signings Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman have you gushing about the job that GM John Mozeliak has done – even to the point where you’re sort of considering him part of the family – then Uncle Mo is the perfectly named horse. In other words, that’s who Rick Horton is probably betting on. 

Just kidding of course…Ricky Horton doesn’t gamble.

3.) Shackleford – Growing up in North County I used to be a spectator at the annual St. Sabina men’s softball tournament in Florissant and, based on the setup of the diamond, got to watch elite lefties hammer bombs onto a street called Shackleford. 

At least that’s the way I remember it and damn it, that’s enough to earn this horse a $2 win bet on my ticket.

4.) Midnight Interlude – It’s hard to find a sport that is more bereft of local ties than horse racing. There just are not many horses, jockeys or trainers are bred in this city. 

But this year we have one to call our own. He is Arnold Zetcher, proud graduate of U. City High, triumphant member of the Wash U. board of directprs and soon-to-be-nerve-wracked owner of Midnight Interlude.  

In past interviews, Zetcher confirmed that he has been a fan of horse racing since his days at Wash U. which makes me 100% certain that he’s placed bets at Fairmount Park.

In my mind, that makes us peers.   

5.) ArchArchArch – Seriously, when the average out-of-town schmoe thinks of our city, this horse’s name pretty much represents their stream of consciousness. To most outsiders, St. Louis = a 600ft piece of bent steel. 

Let’s just embrace it and consider him the official St. Louis horse. 


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