Fact: Jon Jay likes argyle socks


A few days ago, the Cardinals posted the following photo of Jon Jay on their Faecbook page:

The photo is actually a screen capture of the recent “Caught Looking” episode on NBC Sports, which features the Cardinals.  Most eyes gravitated towards Jay’s shirt, since it says “Cardinals” and “Strength” but isn’t offered at the Team Store.  We’re sure the Cardinals have taken note of a potential revenue source and will begin offering them shortly.  Hang tight.

Nevertheless, our attention was immediately drawn to Jay’s argyle socks.

It isn’t every day that you see an athlete training in gear typically reserved for Sundays at church.  But it wouldn’t be the last time Jay’s argyles exposed themselves to St. Louis.  Following a HBP in the 7th inning against the Mets on Monday, Jay adjusted his pants while standing on first base. @FortClank over at VivaElBirdos captured the following photo.

That’s tremendous.

Jon Jay is already credited with starting the “High Sock Sundays” that we’ve seen the Cardinals recently adopt.  It appears that argyle socks are his non-Sunday lucky attire.

Note: a reader alerted us that Nike sells argyle skateboarding socks.  Given that Jay is a Nike guy, we’re going to assume that these were taken from Phil Knight’s drawer.


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