JSF Playoff Recap: NLCS Game 6


Game Recap in 50 Words or Less

Ryan Vogelsong doesn’t throw baseballs, he throws butterflies that dance across the strikezone and wink at Cardinals hitters as they land for strike three. Game 6 was effectively over in the 3rd Inning as it was clear that the bats were not going to dig Chris Carpenter out of this hole. Giants 6, Cardinals 1; Series Tied 3-3

Tim McCarver’s Game 6 Observation

“If it does go to Game 7, this will be the loudest crowd in the Major Leagues”

It will also be the only crowd in the Major Leagues tonight, Tim.

Matt Vasgersian is Disgusted with the Cardinals

So, Matt, you’ve sat in the studios at MLB Network, watched the Cardinals bats fall asleep and their defense crumble to let the Giants right back into the series, what is your opinion of what you’ve seen these last few nights?

Geez, you could have just said you thought they played bad.

How to not get your money’s worth at Game 6

Step 1: Scour Stubhub and buy front row seats for Game 6

Step 2: Dig into closet and pull out Halloween costume last worn in 1991

Step 3: Get settled into seats before first pitch

Step 4: Put on Troll doll head

Step 5: See none of the game

God Bless America: The Clown Show Edition

There is some varying opinion on whether God Bless America should continue to be performed in the 7th inning stretch of a baseball game.  Some think it’s a bit of overkill on the token patriotism, but to each their own.  What we can all agree on is that, if you’re going to have someone perform the song, please find someone besides this to perform it:

Abbreviated Power Rankings: Bad Feelings for Game 7

The following are elimination games in recent history ranked in order from highest to lowest confidence level going into the first pitch.

5.) 2012 NLCS vs. San Francisco (result: ??)
Up 3-1 and the Cardinals roll over in two consecutive games, cranking out a whopping one run over 18 innings. On the road, facing the Giants best starter, a raucous crowd and the inspirational being known to mortals as Marco Scutaro, let’s just say there is a pinch of doubt going in.

4.) 2012 NLDS vs. Washington (result: win)
Riding high after the Jayson Werth walk-off, they certainly had emotion on their side. I guess that tank went dry after they exploded to a 6-0 lead.

3.) 2012 NL Wild Card vs. Atlanta (result: win)
Kris Medlen was a freak of nature and it was do-or-die on the road. Kyle Lohse didn’t do much in 2011 to make Cardinals fans feel comfortable with his postseason record.

2.) 2011 NLDS vs. Philly (result: win)
C’mon, facing Roy Halladay in front of a Philadelphia crowd? I was already trying to drown my disappointment before the TBS pre-game show had ended.

1.) 2006 NLCS vs. Mets (result: win)
This was a loss going in. The expectations going into the series were very slim considering the Cardinals stumbled into the postseason and the Mets were the best team in the league. The fact that it got to Game 7 seemed like it was just stretching out the angst to make the elimination that much more painful.

Let This Man’s Shirt Get One More Day in the Sun, Cardinals

It makes absolutely no sense, but damn it, we need to give this guy another opportunity to wear this beauty in Busch.

Let’s face it, this guy saw an opportunity to sub out the word “Kozmo” for “Cosmo” and ran with it, without a single thought about whether or not the phrase he was ironing on his shirt was in any way demonstrating his support of the home team.

It doesn’t.

Pete Kozma hasn’t said he thinks anyone is fat and, if this guy thinks he did and he’s not down with it, then his shirt is actually publicly demonstrating his dislike for the Cardinals shortstop.

I guess we can sympathize, we’ve all been in situations where we’ve instinctively glued Sir Mix a Lot lyrics to a t-shirt.

Game 7 Preview

Well, at least this is what we’re hoping for…



  • Bernie Brewer says:

    F%#K the Giants!

  • Bernie Brewer says:

    Okayyyyyy…I just went to check out the Worthless Card Collection for the first time in a lonnng time. ONLY CARDINAL CARDS ? ? ? ! ! ! !

    C’monnnnn, people. The “classic” WCC was revered internationally as the most humorous parody of card collecting ever. I believe that this is the step that takes the we’re-only-covering-StL-sports just a bit too far.

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