Tailgate Talk: You can void one trade in STL Sports History, what do you choose?


After over 24 hours of mayhem from fans, national and local media, it’s safe to say that the Colby Rasmus trade has ruffled some feathers. 

Dumping a young centerfielder who has loads of potential for a quick fix is the baseball equivalent of seeing your gas light flip on and saying “screw it, we’re taking this baby all the way home.”  You might get to where you’re going and never think twice about it, or you might wind up broken down on the side of the road watching the other cars smoke past you. 

It’s certainly not the first time a local franchise has shipped a talented young player out of town for one reason or another.  The question becomes whether or not the team and the fans will ultimately regret it. But lucky for us non-GM’s, we get the magic that is hindsight to toy around with, which leads us to this week’s question…

The Question:

If you had the ability to go back and void one trade in St. Louis Sports History which would you choose? 

The Answers

JOSH BACOTT: While the reasoning may have at least had some legitimacy, it sure would be nice to revoke the trade that sent Keith Hernandez and Keith Hernandez’s facial hair to the Mets for Neil Allen and Rick Ownbey in 1983. 

Any time you ship a former MVP out of town for two bullpen arms – and to the team that would eventually be compared to Pond Scum - it’s a pretty big mistake.  Especially when said player is in the prime of his career and promptly finishes 2nd in the MVP voting his first full season with his new team. 

Sure keeping “Mex” may have led to Jack the Ripper not coming to town and a host of other dominoes falling, but to make up for that, the St. Louis Cardinals would have had rightful claim to the centerpiece behind the long-running Just For Men ad campaign and the guy who had one of the great guest appearances in the history of Seinfeld (in my hypothetical dream world this still would have happened). 

Surely, sabermetricians can put a value on that.

MATT SEBEK:  At this point, it’s nearly cliché to talk about, but Walt Jocketty’s trade (read: fleecing) with the Oakland A’s that brought Mark Mulder to St. Louis was the worst in recent memory.

To recap: after making an All-Star appearance in ’03, Mark Mulder was sent to the Cardinals in exchange for Danny Haren, Kiko Calero and Daric Barton.  Mulder never saw the All-Star game again, but became intimately familiar with the disabled list three different times before retiring in ’07.  Haren, meanwhile, has posted a 3.50 ERA and a skimpy 1.10 WHIP in six season since the deal.

For some odd reason, the fact that Mark Mulder received a World Series ring because of his presence on the ’06 Cardinals roster somehow makes that Championship less sexy.


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