Tailgate Talk: You choose the next St. Louis sports figure to receive a statue. Go.


It’s safe to say that it struck many local sports fans as a bit strange that a statue of Albert Pujols pointing to the sky was unveiled to the public this week.  If it was sitting in front of Busch Stadium days after he announced his retirement, there wouldn’t be a  dry eye in the house.

But in Albert’s case, his statue was placed 15 miles west of the Stadium, in front of his Westport Plaza restaurant and unveiled 24 hours before he officially became a free agent.  The timing wasn’t quite right, the location felt a little forced and frankly we wouldn’t be surprised if that puppy is wheeled into storage should he sign elsewhere this off-season.

We’re not the only ones to have a few questions about the Pujols statue, so we went ahead and turned one of them into this week’s Tailgate Talk:

The Question

You’re granted the authority to choose the next St. Louis sports figure to receive a statue, where the statue will go and what pose the statue will memorialize.  Who are you choosing? Go.

The Answers

Josh Bacott:  It may be just the emotion swirling around after his post-Series ride into the sunset, but with my new power, I’m officially commissioning a statue of Mr. Tony La Russa outside of Busch.

He’s got the resume and there’s no doubt that he’ll be headed into Cooperstown in five years, so those boxes are checked.  The tinted glasses will be recreated to perfection considering the entire statue will be bronze.

It’s the pose that will make this one special.  Sure, we could have Tony captured in his tradition position standing in the corner of the dugout, but there’s nothing exciting about that.  Let’s bring some personality into this beauty.  And by personality, I mean animals.

Picture it now, standing proudly next to Gibby uncorking a fastball and Lou Brock slapping a base hit; Tony La Russa snuggling up with a special friend.  Baseball genius.  Pet lover.  Legend.


Matt Sebek: Frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of statues being reserved for players that physically excelled in their respective sport.  Sure, a presence of muscle, height, and brawn looks better immortalized in bronze, but it’s just not fair for those tenacious little athletes who made considerable contributions amongst the brutes.

This rings incredibly true for the St. Louis Cardinals, whose list of underprivileged participants is long and distinguished.  For that reason, I’m constructing a statue outside Busch Stadium that doesn’t pay tribute to any one person, but rather, a collective attribute that embodies the tenacity and perseverance of these individuals.  We’re talking scrappy here, folks.

I’m calling it Mount Scrapmore and it will be molded from Ivory soap because…(1) it ironically pays tribute to filthy jerseys…(2) soap contrasts to the magnificence of bronze…(3) it’s white.

Carved in Mount Scrapmore are four pioneers in the Cardinals’ movement to employ extremely gritty baseball players: Rex Hudler, Bo Hart, Joe McEwing, and David Eckstein.

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