The 2012 ESPY Nominations: Cardinals Fans Are Happy. Mizzou Fans Are Not.


We’re not sure who exactly watches the ESPYs every year, but apparently some do since ESPN has been producing their version of the Oscars for almost two decades now. 

The awards have become so prestigious that we’re betting you couldn’t name a single winner from last year’s ceremonies.  But just because we don’t watch it doesn’t mean that we don’t take a peek at the nominees when they’re released. Just call it harmless curiousity.

The 2012 nominees  were rolled out yesterday and, as we cycled through the various names and categories, we re-affirmed that awards such as the ESPYs have created an interesting dynamic rarely seen in sports. In most cases you tend to pull for a win by the team/player you support just like you’re trained to do. But the ESPYs create scenarios where the victory comes in the form of your team not winning. 

If you happen to fall into the middle of the Venn Diagram outlining Cardinals fans and Mizzou fans, this year might be a bit confusing.

In one corner you have the “Best Championship Performance” category, featuring St. Louis’ golden boy:

Desired Result: David Freese to win in a landslide. The guy was dominant, he’s not a huge nerd like Eli Manning and frankly we’d never like to see Jonathon Quick defeat St. Louis again. 

In the other corner, you have the “Best Upset” category, featuring something many people in town would like to forget:

Desired Result:  We thought we’d never want to hear the words “Norfolk State”, “Mizzou” and “lose” in the same sentence again, but here we are, rooting for Mizzou to come up short so we can avoid reliving that punch in the gut. 

And to mix up our emotions a tad more, we come to the prestigious “Best Game” category:

Desired Result: We celebrate the magical Game 6 again while silently pumping our fist that Mizzou didn’t blow a 19-point lead and lose in what was considered the best game of 2012.

Who knew there was an event that would have some local fans simultaneously pulling for the Cardinals to win and Mizzou to lose. 

We’re just glad we won’t be watching it.


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