The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in pictures…


It’s time now to recap the St. Louis sports weekend with photos that we didn’t take.  But we promise, the sarcasm and general apathy is 100% authentic.

We start with the Rams, who played the Bears on Sunday.  Taking a fan-centric approach, we’re always curious what the internet stereotypes say about our city versus the opposition.  Below are the results of the first Google Images for “St. Louis Rams fan” and “Chicago Bears fan”, respectively.

Yeah, that seems about right.


Say what you will about the replacement refs in the NFL.  One thing is certain: they’re ambition.  Here, for instance, one backfield official got lost and tried taking a snap from Rams C Robert Turner.  Oh, great.  Prepare for a week of sports talk idiots claiming that the Rams have a quarterback controversy.


With a midday game in Chicago, Jeff Fisher broke out the shaded spectacles.  With that finely tailored lower nose beard, he’s a one donut away from legally being able to write you a speeding ticket.  Beware.


It’s a subtle difference, St. Louis.  But the Chicago Bears new RB is MICHAEL Bush, not MIKE Bush.

And ya gotta love it.


The Cardinals took two of three from the Cubs at Wrigley this past weekend, which was good enough to maintain a lead in the 2nd NL wildcard slot (thanks, Bud Selig).  The Dodgers and Brewers continue to put pressure on the Cardinals, so we asked our iPhone the tough question.  Siri did her best Tony La Russa impression and ducked the question completely.  Fitting.


The Cardinals perpetual injury bug hit the Cardinals again on Saturday, when an insider pitch caused Yadier Molina to stain a lower back muscle.  He’s listed as day-to-day, but according to the pitch tracking system offered by MLB, we’re more concerned about his inability to father children.


We don’t condone athletic injuries, but find it entertaining to guess when the Cardinals deliver “official” news to the press box for reporters.  We call it “The Easiest Friggin’ Game in the World.”


Speaking of the Cubs, we pulled this photo from the April archives.  Say what you will about Cubs fans; they’re a shifty bunch, but pretty damn prophetic about their crappy baseball team.   You have to give them credit where credit is due.


Early Monday morning, one of the many random bullets piercing the air of downtown St. Louis went through a window at the Edward Jones Dome.  We suppose it was only a matter of when.  But no big deal, says Mayor Slay.  No no.  You see, the stadium knew the shooter and other downtown sporting venues need not feel threatened.  Personally, we’re wondering if it’s possible for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend a City’s mayor.  It would do wonders for the evolution of this town.



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