The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in Pictures…


We know what you’re thinking.

Will it be more fun listening to Mike Shannon mumble “Big Puma” or “Fat Elvis” after a few hours of frosty, cold ones?  Personally, we’re partial to “Big Puma”.  It’s a nice complement to big Phat Albert, Big Mac, and any name you could possible come up with for Dennys Reyes.  And let’s not also forget the potential for Shannon to simply call Berkman, “The Berk-man”.  Or the Berk-man-man.  Now that would really blow my mind.

Nevertheless, let’s get into the local phenomenon we call, “The Weekend in Pictures”.

Names to know: Kurt Warner, Matt Leinart, OJ Atogwe, Dennys Reyes, Lance Berkman, Craig Biggio, Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa.


RAMS (6-6)
Won 19-6 @Arizona Cardinals (3-9)

With Kurt Warner in the FOX booth for the Rams/Cardinals game on Sunday, it gave the respective fan bases a time to reflect on happier times with #13 taking snaps for their team.

The nostalgia was likely more meaningful for Cardinals fans, who was dominating in the red-and-white this time last year.  It’s declined to the point where Matt Leinart can’t even be considered “that last bum” anymore.  Allow us to recap.


Rams fans travel well.  For instance, here are a few in Arizona wishing for the team to relocate back to LA.  That’s dedication, baby.  We’re slightly confused about that sign on the right, though.  Why is “RAMIT” one-word?  No brevity necessary.  Oh well.


OJ Atogwe tallied another sack and six tackles during a fine defensive performance for the Rams on Sunday.  On one of those tackles, his helmet fell off – at which point, we naturally wondered which smells worse, Atogwe’s hair or Dennys Reyes’ belly button.

It’s a tough call.  Sheesh, the mainstream media never asks the tough questions.


Rams K Josh Brown had four more field goals on Sunday, including a 52-yarder.  He also contributed to a storied history of white guy high-fives caught on camera.



Josh Bacott recapped the local message board craziness regarding the Cardinals signing Lance Berkman, so there’s not much more we’ll add here – other than we’re pleased to officially “own” 25% of those annoying Houston Killer B’s.

Even though he’s somewhere around 62 years old now, we’re supporters of the Cardinals continuing this theme by signing Craig Biggio for 2B, middle relief, bat boy, whatever.  He’s extremely scrappy – which means Cardinals fans will fall instantly in love.


Personally, we think the coolest thing about signing “Big Puma” for $8 million is that it’s entirely tax deductible for La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation.  See what we did, there?  Puma?  Animal?  Rescue.

Digital fist pound, cyber homes.


Lance Berkman’s (34) age is certainly a big question mark with this acquisition.  But frankly, we don’t know what people are worried about.  He’s not even in the Top 3 of oldest players on the active roster.  In fact, he’s the 5th oldest Cardinal behind Carpenter (35), Franklin (37), Miller (37) and Pujols (43, est.).


BLUES (13-9-4)
Saturday: Lost 2-1 (OT) @ Edmonton
Sunday: Won 3-2 @ Vancouver

With some notable Blues already on the shelf (e.g., Perron, Oshie and Polak), many fans are concerned with the status of Andy McDonald – who was injured in Saturday’s game against Edmonton.  The Blues confirmed that McDonald will miss time, but is day-to-day with what they’re calling an “upper body injury”.

I’m not familiar with medical jargon, so I had a physical therapist friend of mine give me a quick lesson.  It’s pretty clear now.  Could be a shoulder stain, heart attack, pink eye, or some sort of unexpected lactation.  Whew, thank goodness for smart friends.


After a successful event at Steinberg Skating Rink this past weekend, the Blues announced their next community project: a Casino Night on February 2nd.  No word if Wayne Gretzky’s wife will be in attendance.


There are many extremely perplexing things going on in the picture below.  Right now, our favorite is the 12-year old kid on the far left with a 10-foot stare and no teeth.

Bloosiers, baby.


Last Weekend (link)
The Weekend Before That (link)


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