This Week in Birthdays: July 25 – July 31


The birthdays that take place this week which are significant to St. Louis sports include several Cardinals role players and some of the finest long blonde hair the NFL has ever seen…

July 28

Bill Bradley (1943) – Any way you slice it, Bill Bradley is Crystal City, Missouri’s most notable former NBA player, Rhodes scholar, US senator and former presidential candidate. 

July 29

Luis Alicea (1965) – In the days before it was the hot trend for middle infielders in St. Louis, second baseman Luis Alicea was “scrappy”.  After an initial five year stint with the Cardinals that ended in 1994, Tony LaRussa brought him back in 1996 if for no other reason than because he was 5’9″ and could switch hit. If he was white and had a funny name, he might be still be a legend in this town.

July 31

Kevin Greene (1962) – Granite City would like to remind Crystal City that they’re not the only fringe suburb of St. Louis who has a professional athlete celebrating a birthday this week.  Kevin Greene attended high school in Granite City and went on to set an NFL record for sacks by a linebacker, make the official 1990′s All Decade team and also had spectacular hair.  Not exactly the US Senate, but an impressive resume nonetheless.

John Laurinaitis (1965) – Everyone knows that Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis’ dad was Animal in the Road Warriors (Joe Laurinaitis) but it’s a little known fact is that his uncle John holds the position of Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for the WWE.  Let’s just say the Laurinaitis name is wrestling royalty.

Randy Flores (1975) – If you follow a Tony LaRussa-managed team, it’s inevitable that you’ll be familiar with the lefthanded specialist du jour. Beginning in 2004, Randy Flores’ name was added to the long list of Cardinals lefty relievers to pitch during the LaRussa regime. Unlike the Pedro Borbon Jr.’s of the world, Flores actually stuck around the Cardinals bullpen for a few years, making 237 appearances, including 12 in the postseason.


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