This Week in St. Louis Sports Birthdays


– Sunday, June 5th

Ray Lankford turned 44 on Sunday.  Lankford finished his 14-year career with more home runs at Busch Stadium (123) than any other player in MLB history.  He also struck out once every four plate appearances, which is equally impressive.

But most importantly, Ray has evolved with the modern world by setting up a personal website, – which states that you can “Book Ray for Corporate Appearance.”  We’re guessing you’re paying Ray to schmooze, not to teach children how to spell the word, “statistics”.  Just a guess.

– Monday, June 6th

Rams OT Rodger Saffold turns 23 today.  He was drafted in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft and started every game for the Rams in his rookie season.  But most informed accounts, he’s a fantastic value at $1.5 million per season.  Most of those people also agree that Saffold shares a striking resemblance with soccer star, Ronaldinho – which is just about the meanest damn compliment you can pay someone.

– Tuesday, June 7th

Anna Kournikova turns 30 years old today.  She recently signed a contract to become the new trainer on NBC’s “Biggest Loser”, reality show.  Locally, she appears for the St. Louis Aces tennis team every now and then, so we’re taking credit for her.  But honestly, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that her inclusion is merely to post links to this and this.  Oh, and this.

– Wednesday, June 8th

Bryant “Big County” Reeves turns 38 today.  And while the former Oklahoma State and Vancouver Grizzlies basketball player has no obvious ties to St. Louis, we’ve always recognized him as the one living white dude with a flat top in the same league as Whitey Herzog.  That’s saying something.



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