This Week in STL Sports Birthdays


May 24

Carlos Hernandez (1967)

If you’re ever at a sports trivia night and they ask the question “who was behind the plate for the Cardinals when Rick Ankiel’s pitching career took a historic plunge from which it never recovered?”, then you have your answer in Carlos Hernandez. 

Brad Penny (1978)

If you’re ever at a sports trivia night and they ask the question “which pitcher was able to squeeze $833,333 per start from the Cardinals in 2010, and then got into a fight on Twitter with Matt Sebek?”, then you have that answer in Brad Penny.  Trust me, trivia nights can get weird.

May 25

Rick Natress (1962)

He only played two seasons for the Blues (85-86 & 86-87) but to most kids around my age, he will always be memorable, mainly due to the fact that you would snicker every time you heard his name.  I mean, it sounds just like “mattress” and that’s funny, right?

Kendall Gill (1968)

As a Mizzou fan, even I have no problems admitting that the 1988-89 Illinois team that Kendal Gill played on alongside Nick Anderson, Marcus Liberty and Kenny Battle was extremely entertaining.  They lost in the Final Four to  Glen Rice’s Michigan team, but Gill eventually went on to get drafted #5 overall in the 1990 NBA Draft and play in the League for 15 years.  Then he took up boxing.  Seriously.

May 27

Jackie Slater (1954)

He was a seven time Pro Bowl selection, has his number retired by the Rams franchise and was elected into the Hall of Fame in 2001, but perhaps the most notable part of Jackie Slater’s career in our eyes was his scintillating role as “Big Bad Jackie” in the legendary Rams rap video “Ram It”…

Blake Ahearn (1984)
While his time in the NBA has been limited to a few games, DeSmet grad Blake Ahearn will always have a few things to  boast about when he retires from the game of basketball – perhaps most notably, his 94.6% career free throw percentage at Missouri State is the best in NCAA history.  Not exactly a bad legacy to leave behind.

May 28
David Perron (1988)
After he delivered a cheapshot that left Perron with a season-ending concussion just ten games into the season, rumor is that Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks is going to show up at Perron’s birthday party this week to blow out his candles and smash his cake on the ground.  Thanks for nothing, Joe Thornton.

May 29
Ken Schrader (1955)
Reason #5,285 why Wikipedia is awesome:
“Schrader began his racing career in Missouri when his neighborhood friend’s parents got drunk in a bacchanalian manner.”

No idea if that’s true or not, but I’m pulling for ‘yes’. 


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