This Week in STL Sports Birthdays


Wednesday — June 15
Dusty Baker turns 62.  As of Sunday, he was 2,246 games behind Tony LaRussa in games managed. Suck on that, Dusty.  Wait, we already know what Dusty is sucking on in the dugout

(Get your mind out of the gutter, people, they’re just toothpicks)

Thursday — June 16
By turning 52 this week, we’re going to say that the Ultimate Warrior has probably outlived his life expectancy considering the freakish amounts of steriods that had to be coursing through is veins in the 80′s.  Really the only reason he’s on the list this week is because he looked like this…


Saturday — June 18
Lou Brock turns 72 this Saturday and despite him getting up there in years, we’re still confident that if he had a race from home plate to first base he would beat Yadier Molina by 5 steps.  Keep your head up Yadi, nothing wrong with saying you lost a race to Lou Brock.

Sure he was born in Quebec and plays in Tampa Bay, but we sort of feel obligated to give a birthday shout out to this guy who will turn 36 on Saturday…

He named himself after this city for god’s sake.  That takes serious loyalty, Martin.  


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