This Week in STL Sports Birthdays


Wednesday — June 22
Kurt Warner turns the bigs 40.  To be perfectly honest, if you asked me how old Kurt Warner was, I would have thought he turned 40 like three years ago.  Regardless of age, there aren’t many athletes in this town who have been so captivating that they’ve inspired a mural at a local Mexican restaurant…

Of course that might be Tony Banks, who knows.

Thursday — June 23
While on the subject of the Greatest Show on Turf era, former Titans receiver Kevin Dyson turns 36 on Thursday.  Dyson had a solid NFL career, but in some ways it must be sort of depressing that the most famous image of you that people remember is this…

Maybe someone will be a jerk and put that on your birthday cake this year.  Just don’t invite Mike Jones.

Friday — June 24
Former Mizzou standout Brock Olivo turns 35.  Olivo’s birthday gives us our second reason to mention the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL this month, shattering the over/under going into June which was set at 0. 

Olivo was named special teams and running backs coach which means there is at least a slim chance he’ll cross paths with Eric Crouch in the near future.

Saturday — June 25
Former Blues center Doug Gilmour turns 48.  Most Blues fans know there were some off-the-ice issues that helped facilitate the trade of Gilmour to Calgary in 1988, but even with that being the case, it’s pretty depressing to know that they shipped him out of town for a package that included such memorable names as Mike Bullard, Craig Coxe and Tim Corkery.  What a haul.


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