This Week in STL Sports Birthdays


Monday July 18
Joe Torre (1940)
Yeah, he’ll probably enter the Hall of Fame as a Yankee as no surprise, but hopefully on his plaque, it will say that, not only did he win an MVP as a player for the Cardinals, but he also had the pleasure to manage franchise staples such as Rene Arocha, Tripp Cromer and Geronimo Pena. 

That alone is Hall-worthy…

Tuesday July 19
Rick Ankiel (1979)
His career didn’t quite turn out like most would have thought, but it’s still a heck of a story and Cardinals fans will always appreciate when he made an unlikely comeback as an outfielder with legit homerun power. 

Personally, I will never forget being in attendance on one special night.  The night he almost drilled Timo Perez in the head with the second pitch of an NLCS game.  Creating memories for the fans is what this game is all about…

Thursday July 21
Al Hrabosky (1949)
Quit stalling, Hungo.  You know what we all want to see.  Stepping into the virtual time machine on your birthday will be a momentous occasion for both you and the fans…

Friday July 22
Steven Jackson (1983)
In some ways, we feel bad for Steven Jackson.  Not because it seems like he’s always been underappreciated in St. Louis or that he had the toughest act to follow (Marshall Faulk).  We feel bad for him because in 7 NFL seasons, even despite averaging over 1,100 yards rushing per season, he has never played on a winning team. 

The best season the Rams have been able to scrape together since he’s been a pro has been 8-8. We can feel it S-Jax, this is the year the Rams take the leap and finish a stunning 9-7. 

Get some bubbly ready, nothing tastes sweeter than being one game over .500 in the NFC West. 


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