This Week in STL Sports Birthdays


It’s our pleasure to provide readers with a list of the locally relevant athletes you should buy birthday cards for while you’re at Walgreens purchasing Gatorades and Advil to help recover from wild celebrations after yesterday’s first win in Sam Bradford’s career…span>

September 28
Grant Fuhr (1962) – Secretly, we’re pretty sure that Grant Fuhr was sort of glad that he was knocked out of the ’96 playoffs.  That way, at least Jon Casey was the keeper in Game 7 of the Conference Semi-Finals attempting to stop this Stevie Y shot…

Mike DeJean (1970) – Cardinals’ deadline acquisitions from 2001 – 2004:
2001 – Woody Williams
2002 – Scott Rolen
2003 – Mike DeJean
2004 – Larry Walker

Which one is that might not be considered “impact”?

September 29
Jake Westbrook (1977) – Speaking of deadline acquisitions, this year’s mid-season addition celebrates a birthday on Tuesday, right about the same day he’ll get to celebrate the Cardinals’ official elimination from postseason contention.

Shelley Duncan (1979) – Chris Duncan may have more career at bats, HR and RBI in the Majors than his brother, but after he logged his single-season high of each with the Cleveland Indians this year while his bro languished in AAA, Shelley may have a shot at catching Chris if he can squeeze out a few more mildly productive seasons. 

Kevin Durant (1988) – Durant’s only connection to the local scene was thrashing Mizzou in 2006 by putting up 34 points without breaking a sweat.  Only notable to me because it was one of the very few times that I’ve watched someone destroy the team I’m rooting for and yet make me a huge fan of his in the process.  Kevin Durant might actually be capable of making me watch some NBA games.

October 1
Cliff Ronning (1965) – If you’re grading NHL trades strictly based on which team got the player with the cooler name, then the deal where the Blues sent Cliff Ronning, Geoff Courtnall, Robert Dirk and Sergio Momesso to Vancouver for Dan Quinn and Garth Butcher had to be a victory for the Blues simply due to the name Garth Butcher. 

If you’re grading them based on talent, then the fact that the Blues sent a career 300-goal scorer packing when he was 23 and had nothing to show for it two years later, means it probably didn’t play out as planned.

Mark McGwire (1963) – Mark has had a wild ride throughout his career.  A quick recap:

The Good… Rookie of the Year, Historical record broken, local highway named after him, “Big Mac Land” opens in Busch Stadium

The Bad… Steroid accusations, emotional steroid confessions, a struggle to get Hall of Fame votes, in charge of a wildly inconsistent current offense – but despite those peaks and valleys, the clear moment that may have served as both the highest and lowest point might have been when this was taken…

The Ugly Awesome…


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