This Week in STL Sports Birthdays


As this weekend saw the likely death of Mizzou’s BCS National Championship, it won’t stop us from celebrating some notable birthdays including one that we may propose making a city-wide holiday.

October 31
Mike Gallego (1960)
To celebrate his Halloween birthday every year, Mike Gallego dressed up as a short, scrappy middle infielder who played on a Tony LaRussa coached team.  In 1996-97 that costume included a Cardinals uniform.

November 1
Coco Crisp (1979)
When the Birds front office grabbed Chuck Finley for the 2002 stretch run, they sent Luis Alfonso Garcia and a “player to be named later”.  When the Indians selected Coco Crisp, they made no bones about the team policy to pick the coolest name they could find. 

November 2
Willie McGee (1958)
When it comes to local holidays, we have no doubts that this city would rally around November 2 as a day that we should all take a break from work and celebrate Cardinals favorite Willie McGee. 

Nelly (1974)
When Mizzou needed someone to speak up for their football team on ESPN’s 1st and 10 last week, they received Nelly.  Apparently his pro-Mizzou prediction didn’t inspire the team on Saturday.  As a consolation to Nelly, he remembered that he shared a birthday with Willie McGee.

November 4
Orlando Pace (1975)
When watching Kurt Warner gracefully prance around the stage on Dancing with the Stars, just keep in mind that part of the reason Warner’s body is still able to move after 12 seasons in the NFL, is because in six of them, Orlando Pace made sure that no one touched him.

Larry Bigbie (1977)
In the 2005 offseason, the Cardinals sent Ray King to Colorado for a package that included future outfield cornerstone Larry Bigbie and a toss in named Aaron Miles.  Needless to say, after making just 17 appearances for the Cardinals in his last MLB season, Bigbie didn’t pan out, but Miles scrapped his way into Tony LaRussa’s heart. 

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