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Happy Birthday to the new Rams Road Curse which was officially born yesterday as the team handed away another winnable road game in the 4th quarter.  Lucky for us, we have a special edition of This Week in STL Sports Birthdays to take our mind off of it – the forgettable former Cardinals edition.

November 15
Pedro Borbon Jr. (1967)
The seven games that he pitched for the Cardinals in 2003, does not match the legacy he left with fans, as sort of the symbol of how brutal the 2003 bullpen was.  Maybe it was the 20.25 ERA that won him that honor. 

November 16
Julio Lugo (1975)
When John Mozeliak finally bit the bullet and sent the struggling Chris Duncan packing, Julio Lugo was simply the name we got back.  That fact that his salary was paid and he played middle infield was just a bonus.  Through his 51 games in ’09, he wasn’t bad at all, posting a .784 OPS, just enough to get him shipped to Baltimore before the ’10 season for a player to be named later.

November 17
Eli Marrero (1973)
Sorry, Eli, but the hype was a bit much considering, partly due to injuries, there really was only one truly productive season during your seven in St. Louis.  Although being a part of a trade that nabbed us Adam Wainwright probably makes sure you’ll stay away from the “forgettable” list for many fans.

November 18
Jaime Moyer (1962)
Not forgettable as a player since he’s pitched 24 seasons in the Majors, but out of his 686 career appearances, eight of them were as a member of the Cardinals in 1991.  He racked up a record of 0-5 with a 5.74 ERA and proceeded to spend the entire 1992 season in the minors. If I didnt have open it would have been pretty forgettable to me too. 

November 19
Ryan Howard (1979)

The only thing we’d all like to forget about Ryan Howard is that the Cardinals passed on him through four rounds of the 2001 draft despite him attending Lafayette high school. In retrospect, at least the team hasn’t had a lack of production at first base to rub salt in the wound caused by overlooking a home town player who has gone on to become a high level MLB player.

November 20
JD Drew (1975)
JD Drew’s tenure in St. Louis was enough for us at JSF to create a syndrome known as the “JD Drew Effect”, where fans have no regrets getting rid of a player regardless of whether or not he goes on to becoming a superstar elsewhere.  In my eyes, JD could have gone on to win 4 consecutive MVP awards after he was traded and I wouldn’t have regretted the Cardinals making the move for one second.  That’s how frustrating he was to watch flirt with greatness before injury and apathy would inevitably win out again.  He’s just another player who got us Adam Wainwright.   

Another player whose birthday is this week too.

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