An Emotional Admission from Softball Guy

In lieu of emotional confessions across the professional sports landscape, Softball Guy has come forward with an admission of his own. was fortunate enough to conduct an exclusive interview with Softball Guy after his jaw-dropping declaration.

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The Chicago Cubs Still Suck, in Frozen H20 Format

One year ago today, the city of St. Louis awoke to a magnificent treat; a pristine blanket of January snow…and a 10,000 sq. ft. piece of artwork outside of Busch Stadium that celebrated the Chicago Cubs suckitude.

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Fan of the Week :: La Russa .093 Jersey

Over the past few years, we’ve had fun at the expense of our beloved St. Louis, Missouri. Specifically, we’ve enjoyed mocking the unique fan jerseys we’ve witnessed at Busch Stadium…and we’ve even poked shots at our skipper, Tony La Russa, and his um, off-field incidents. Well, my friends, those two subjects of ridicule have joined [...]

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