JSF38: The One with Pavol Demitra (and Zach McCrite from 101 ESPN)

This week, we go back to our Fly on the Wall who found himself in the board room where men who are responsible for launching the new can’t-miss radio station called 1380 The Woman talked strategy.

Additionally, we chat with Zach McCrite from 101 ESPN.  He’s host of the “Zach and Rammer Show” every day from 9 am to 11 am and a huge “Seinfeld” fan.  He also wasn’t born in St. Louis, which means…a.) he probably doesn’t like provel cheese, and b.) he has a unique perspective of this city’s media.  Right up our alley.


Total Running Time: 00:49:47

Atomic number: 38 (Strontium)

JoeSportsFan Original: inside audio at 1380 “THE WOMAN” (link)

Random yet contextual references: Dan Caesar, Mountain Dew, Todd Worrell, Jason Sehorn, Will Clark, Bruce Sutter, Andy Benes, Jason Isringhausen, Mike Matheny and John Mabry.

Links and things mentioned this episode:

Mountain Dew is officially “brominated” (link)
Todd Worrell’s mustache is pretty spectacular (link)
Just Todd Worrell with a ball in his glove; nothing significant (link)
A Milwaukee Brewers sausage costume went missing. (link)
Dan Caesar discusses 1380 AM’s new station entitled, “THE WOMAN” (link)

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