Redskins Marketers One-Up Rams With Saucy Cheerleaders #SELFIE

The St. Louis Rams have been very generous this offseason by offering $100,000 to any fan who could correctly guess the entirety of the team’s 2014 schedule. A tip of the hat indeed to Rams Chief Marketing Officer Brian Killingsworth for the promotion, as well as for his impressive biceps and tight buttocks.

However, the St. Louis football club’s marketing fervor has now been eclipsed by the Washington Redskins in a fit of sexual dynamism that has made us stand and applaud in the JoeSportsFan tower in beautiful downtown Farmington.

Awhile back you may have seen the ridiculous “SELFIE” video by The Chainsmokers, which in essence was a parody with super hot chicks and d-bags taking selfies. That was all well and good, but now the Washington Redskins cheerleaders — or @1stLadiesOfFB as they are known on Twitter — are spoofing #SELFIE and we can’t help but enjoy this one just as much. Once again, super hot chicks again, and ridiculous – purposefully.

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