Remembering When: Anheuser Busch Taught Cardinals Fans to be More Annoying

As annoying as it tends to be these days, there once was a time when thousands of fans in a stadium standing in metachronal rhythm was really hip.  It became known as simply The Wave, and it promised to be the climax of any trip to an otherwise mundane live sporting event.

Since then many fans have moved on to more modern yet equally maddening group activities such as vigorously slapping air-filled tubes together or moaning the chorus to White Stripes songs. 

But as it can often do, leave it up to eBay to spark memories of the old days, when local brewing titans produced sophisticated cardboard plaquards to be held up when this new waving phenomenon hit a St. Louis Cardinals game…


Ah, those were simpler times.  A time when Whitey slugging beers in his office during postgame interviews wasn’t taboo, when we relied on Jack Buck to tell us what was happening in the baseball game because it wasn’t on the five channels our TV’s got and apparently when grown men and women needed written instructions on how to perform the Wave…


If we ever see instructions written on a pair of Thunder Sticks, then it’s proof that we, as a country, have gotten dumber.

(h/t @dangrote)


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  1. Please print the No More Wave shirts. I’ll buy two.

  2. Somehow I just can’t help but picture the “Gangnam Style” instructions on a Bud Light bottle.

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