So You Want a Stan Musial Harmonica…

It’s always encouraging when pro sports teams get a little creative with their stadium giveaways. Face it, bobbleheads became stale the minute someone decided to give one to this guy.

So kudos to the Cardinals for the Stan Musial harmonica giveaway scheduled for this weekend.

But when Mike Shannon is overheard telling the KMOX audience during a broadcast this past weekend that Friday at Busch Stadium is the only place and only day that anyone can EVER get their hands on one, well, we might coach him to ease off on the sales pitch a smidge.  These puppies aren’t destined to become the wind instrument version of the Honus Wagner card anytime soon.

In fact, we’ve scouted out a little place where these collectibles are already piling up


Oh, eBay, you sure know how to take the sheen off a cool stadium giveaway, don’t you.  If nothing else, if you run into a scalper trying to pump up their asking price because of a harmonica, you can feel confident telling them to pound sand.  Your internet friends will make sure you get your paws on one sooner or later.

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