It’s time to let go, Davis Payne [BLUES]


Dear Davis Payne,

It’s time to shave off that patch of hair on the front of your head.  It’s a gotsta-go.

At first, we thought it was a tattoo of a hockey puck, but we’ve recently received confirmed that it’s not.

Now, we can’t decide which is more frightening:

- The actual patch of follicle scraps of the top of your noggin’
- The assumption that the head coach of the Blues doesn’t watch game film

In the mirror, this secluded island of fur gives the impression of a thick, lustrous head of hair.  Yet, aerial footage reveals a slightly harsher reality.  Watch the game films, Davis.  It will do wonders for that noggin’….and as an added benefit, perhaps you can figure out why your team can’t hold a 3rd period lead.

It’s a win-win.


tweet: @MattSebek


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