Blues fans always go the extra mile at the ink shop…


Throughout our many fan hunting excursions, we’ve encountered some unique individuals in the supporting Cardinals, Rams and Blues fan bases.

Thus, we’re often asked, “Which fans are the most approachable?” Year after year, it’s a simple answer. Blues fans are especially proud of their 30-year old sweaters, flowing mullets, or underlying intoxication levels…and will gladly be the subject of a photo. At least, more so than Rams or Cardinals fans.

Case in point: at a recent Blues home game, we spotted a prominent Blues logo tattoo on a gentleman’s right arm (he was wearing a tank top, duh). We asked for a photo. After offering a high five, he politely obliged…and then pointed us in the direction of his left arm, which housed some artsy “I Bleed Blue” ink.

Blues fans, always going the extra mile to exhibit their devotion.


tweet: @MattSebek


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