How much will the “Every Game Counts” campaign cost the Blues?


At the start of the season, the Blues rolled out a well-publicized “Every Game Counts” marketing campaign.  The campaign included television and billboard complements, but the core element allowed Blues fans to purchase season ticket packages for half-price.

The catch was simple.  If the Blues clinched a 2010-2011 playoff spot, the remainder of cost was due.  If they missed the playoffs, the Blues would eat the cost.  The campaign was notable because leaving ticket revenue in limbo is risky – especially when said debtors are traditionally mulleted.  Then again, it showed the organization’s confidence in its product.

But that was then, this is now.  The Blues sit at 13th place in the Western Conference, and are likely to miss the NHL postseason for the second straight season.  Recent chatter has included callbacks to the pre-season “Every Game Counts” campaign and speculation to exactly how much money the Blues stand to lose in ticket revenue.

We decided to take a look.

(Click image for high-res version.)

Truth be told, the total dollar value of lost revenue is much lower than anticipated.  The “Every Game Counts” season ticket packages were available in four different sections of Scottrade Center, noted above.  The initial wording of the campaign made it seem as if 100 seats in every one of those sections were available for the promotion.  Thus, more revenue in limbo and higher risk for the organization.

But that wasn’t the case.

Only 100 seats – spread out across all four of those sections – were available for the “pay half now, pay half later” campaign.  The Blues confirmed that all 100 seats, in each section, were sold under this campaign.  Thus, 400 total season tickets.

What have we learned here?

Well, there’s definitely bound to be an increase in the number of Busch Light kegs purchased in April, should the Blues not make the playoffs.  But mostly, we’ve learned that the original “Every Game Counts” campaign was slightly overblown, and perhaps contributed to the collective fan base’s confidence in this year’s team.

Then again, that’s marketing right?


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