Joel Quenneville Enshired Amongst Mustached Chicago Icons…


Joel Quenneville and his mustache were bounced from St. Louis in ’04, despite leading the Blues to seven straight playoff births.  After a slow start and the possibility of not making the playoffs for the first time since 1980 (gasp!), Quenneville and his upper lip sweater were dismissed midway through the season.

Quenneville and his lower nose beard moved on to Colorado in ’05….and then to Chicago in ’08.  The journey for Quenneville and his epidermis mouth insulator culminated on Wednesday night, as he coached the Blackhawks to their first Stanley Cup Championship since 1961.

While hoisting the Cup above one’s head is probably pretty euphoric, Quenneville and his flavor saver received the ultimate hero treatment in Chicago this morning; cotton enshrinement next to two other mustached Chicago icons.

Mike Ditka.

Phil Jackson.

Joel Quenneville.

The Mustache of Champions.

We just didn’t appreciate that furry excellence here, until it was gone.  Perhaps our mustache-interests were warped due to Quenneville’s mustached-predecessor, Mike Keenan.


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  • Dr. Aaron says:

    Saw that shirt at Strange Cargo in Wrigleyville the other day. It was not previously approved by the American Mustache Institute, so we burned the shop down.

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