JSF Power Rankings: Most Unique Blues Goalie Masks


As my cohort Matt Sebek outlined in his post yesterday afternoon, the new Blues goaltender Jaroslav Halak released photos of his newly designed goalie mask featuring an “homage” to some of this franchise’s finest keepers. 

While the Blues have produced a handful of great goaltenders – names like Plante, Liut, Joseph – they’ve also produced more than a handful of…”unique” masks.  After all, the goalie mask has become the lone part of a keeper’s uniform that they truly can customize to their preference.  And in most cases, their preference is to make it look like a victim of elaborate graffiti.

With so many to choose from, we felt it was yet another topic worthy of a JSF Power Rankings…

7.) Jamie McLennan
If you’re a goaltender looking for some unique way to honor your favorite gimmicky band of the 70′s, look no further than your mask. Getting a KISS tribute on top was more efficient than his original plan to paint his face like Gene Simmons every night. (Even worse, he added a tribute to Nickelback during his tenure in Calgary)

6.) Glenn Hall
Hall was the first man to occupy the Blues goal in their inaugural season of 67-68 and he did so wearing a mask slightly more elaborate than the one Hannibal Lecter wore in Silence of the Lambs.

5.) Curtis Sanford
Despite never really becoming a full time starter in the NHL, Sanford elected to decorate his head with what appeared to be a portrait of the witch in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  But to clarify anyone with any questions as to what this creature was, he added his self-assigned nickname on the lower part.  Call him “SandMan”  

4.) Roman Turek
If Sanford had any questions as to how a demonic entity should be integrated into the team helmet, perhaps he should have asked Roman Turek.  Have your skeleton demon grasping a Blues logo and throw a random Gateway Arch at the bottom. And don’t hesitate to give it a white mullet if that’s what you like.

3.) Hannu Toivonen
It’s a fitting tribute to design your helmet to look like a version of the old school predecessors.  Just make sure that when you do, some ears and a blonde flowing hair are painted on there as well.

2.) Fred Brathwaite
My theory: When Fred Brathwaite fell asleep in the locker room one day, Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger entered his dream and promptly painted himself on Brathwaite’s mask.  When Fred woke up, he was stunned to see that it had happened in real life.

1.) Curtis Joseph
Considering Joseph earned his nickname of Cujo, it was perfectly fitting to see his mask design featuring a rabid dog (or perhaps a wolf) engulfing his entire head.

(Sebek called for Jim Carey to be included in the Power Rankings, but because of his extremely temporary tenure wearing the Blues sweater (4 total games) no photographic evidence of his Blues helmet was available, but lord if it looked anything like his Capitals one, he’d be a shoe-in.)


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  • Amy says:

    In re: Roman Turek’s helmet, that is Eddie from Iron Maiden.

    I knew that heavy metal I listened to in the ’80s would come in handy someday….

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