Need inappropriate Sandusky jokes? Brett Hull has you covered


When the Jerry Sandusky trial came to a close last week, we figured that it was only a matter of time before some outspoken athlete headed to their social media device of choice to spout off with the customary “drop the soap” hilarity. 

After all, Sandusky is spending the rest of his life for sexually abusing young boys, and that calls for some knee-slappers, right? 

What we didn’t know is that said athlete would be one of the few that has a bronze statue of himself in downtown St. Louis and now may be associated with new ownership of one of the city’s professional franchises.  Enter Brett Hull:

We can’t pretend that we are the moral authority on…well, on anything.  We’re just a blog, after all.  Like the journalistic equivalent to the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

But we’re at least going to suggest that it may not be kosher to tag your tweets with things such as “#ouchypoopoo” when the topic is a grown man who raped teenage boys. 

At least we know that the potentially-soon-to-be Blues executive hasn’t found that internal Twitter filter yet, so things should be amusing if he comes back to town.


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