One More Reason for St. Louis Hockey Fans to Hate Chicago…


St. Louis hockey fans are not fond of the Chicago Blackhawks. Historically speaking, the hatred runs deep (see: Belfour, Larmer, Chelios, Roenick).  More recently, we’re a bit jealous that the Blackhawks began their “rebuilding” process 2-3 years before the Blues and it subsequently led to Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and a ’10 Stanley Cup Championship.

And now, the Blues’ once-exiled head coach is a hero in Chicago.

Well, here’s a little more salt for the wound…

The freaking Clydesdales at the Stanley Cup parade in Chicago last Friday??

Sure, St. Louis’ allegiance to the now-Belgian brewer is questionable, but this is just wrong.  Wrong.  Those are our floppy-footed equine and that is our beer, dammit.

Doesn’t Old Style or Pabst Blue Ribbon have a mascot that they could trot down Michigan Avenue?  Apparently not.

Side Note: There was also this from the Wrigley Field premises a few weeks ago during the Cubs/Cards series.  Jerks.

(HT: @MatthewHLeach)



  • M.A. says:

    If you don’t like it, win…

  • mattsebek says:

    Thanks for weighing in, MA. I didn’t think of that.

  • J-Mill says:


  • Michael Blanton says:

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  • Wonderboy says:

    Salt in the wound?? More like piss in the wound.

  • Hollywood says:

    If people in St. Louis are gonna get upset about this, they better buy their brewery back and not serve it in every baseball park in America. Otherwise, shut up and watch the horses walk through the parades.

  • Ron says:

    Ha ha, I kinda like that Miller sign. It seems like in recent years the Cards/Cubs and Blues/Hawks rivalries have gotten more friendly. We all have friends in each other’s city, and we all have friends on the other side of the rivalries. I was happy for the Blackhawks; it was less than a decade earlier that they were voted the worst franchise of all 4 major American team sport leagues. And honestly, I’d be happy for the Cubs if they were to win something. And yes, it seems weird, but why not let others enjoy in the majesty of the Clydesdales?

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