Pietrangelo has an “upper body injury”. Oh, the horror. [BLUES]


Blues youngster Alex Pietrangelo is the latest to join his team’s growing list of invalids.   Pietrangelo is second on the team with 12 assists and leads all Blues defensemen in scoring (3G, 12A).  He’s also my second favorite “angelo”, ahead of Beverly D’Angelo, but behind Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle, of course).

What’s even more notable about Pietrangelo’s injury is that it, like Andy McDonald’s two weeks ago, is being listed as an “upper body injury”.

Because we’re aim to get to the bottom of this elusive “upper body” ailment looming over the Blues roster this year, we conducted some independent research.

We’ve tracked down Pietrangelo’s injury to following possibilities.

- Clogged aorta
- Detached retina
- Dislocated elbow
- Sunburn
- Missing ear
- Bad haircut

We appreciate the descriptive explanation on these injuries, Blues.  “Upper body injury” is extremely precise and really help us to determine time-tables for a return.

A sunburn or heart attack are both probably around a week of recovery time, give or take two years and depending on how much Robitussin you pore on yourself.


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