Pop Quiz: How to Truly Personalize your Old Chris Pronger Jersey


Considering the fact that he overcame a rough beginning after being swapped for fan favorite Brendan Shanahan and ultimately became team captain through some of the most successful seasons the Blues have had in decades, it’s fair to say that Chris Pronger had a nice 9-year run with the Blues.

But despite his status as one of the best players to wear the sweater in recent history, there still remain some scenarios where you have to questions what sort of impact he was able to make on the loyal fan base. Thanks to a blurry photo sent in from Fan Hunter R. Ruzicka, we get to analyze further…


Looking at this hard core fan’s attire and there are only two explanations we can come up with:

A.) It’s was a convenient tribute to Pronger created by a guy whose name just happens to be one vowel away from his hero’s. The equivalent might be a guy named “MacGee” stitching his own name on a Cardinals jersey above the number 51.

B.) It’s a Bloosier who can’t spell. 

Um, given what we’ve seen in the past from the Blues faithful, we’re going to confidently circle B on our scantron form.


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