SUTTER jerseys travel in pairs at Scottrade Center. Duh. [BLUES]


As my colleague Josh Bacott informed you on Monday, former Blues players Ron and Rich Sutter celebrate their 47th birthdays today.  You see, they’re twins.  Ahhhhhh.

Paired with coach Brian Sutter, the Sutter Brothers are arguably one of the most famous families in St. Louis sports history.  But they’ve been out of the spotlight for years.  Rich retired in ’95, Ron retired in ’01 and Brian hasn’t coached since ’04.

Thankfully, their legacy has been kept alive over the past few years by two key catalysts.

1.) Jokes aplenty after Rene Knott repeatedly pronounced their last name (SUT-ter) when referencing Bruce Sutter (SUIT-er) during his MLB Hall of Fame induction in ’06.

2.) Obscure Blues fan jerseys

It’s 2010 and since 9-out-of-10 Blues fan jerseys have OSHIE on the back, seeing one SUTTER jersey at Scottrade definitely earns “obscure” status.

But seeing two SUTTER jerseys together?

It’s perfect, especially since the Brothers never seemed to travel alone.  Well, except the third Sutter brother, Brent – who played for the Islanders while Rich, Ron and Brian yucked it up in St. Louis all those years.  What a loner.

Any guesses who was on the bottom of Mom’s Christmas list every year in the Sutter household.


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