The Blues are honoring the Number 7.


It sounds like an episode of “Sesame Street”, but on March 7th, the Blues will honor the Number 7.  Yes, the entire Number 7.  You know, the one that comes after six, but before eight.

This from the Blues… (link)

“A pre-game ceremony (at Scottrade Center) will recognize Red Berenson, Garry Unger, Joe Mullen and Keith Tkachuk for their contributions and success with No. 7 on their backs.”

So basically, some local diehards were calling for the Blues to retire Keith Tkachuk’s number since he was a lovable, affable brute….but the Blues didn’t want to go overboard.  Thus, they decided to “honor” the number, instead of raising it to the rafters.  And to increase ticket-selling, they added three players from older generations, including Joe Mullen, whose best years came with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

But, whatever.  The Blues can/should proudly find interesting ways to put asses in the seats as they close out another disappointing season.  But on this night, they omitted one notable Number 7.

Nelson Emerson.

Emerson’s career with the Blues was relatively brief, but he was a pioneer in St. Louis’ love affair with small, scrappy athletes.  Heck, you could make the argument that Emerson started it all.  His hustle, tenacity and whiteness permeated through The Arena the same time Rex Hudler was doing the same thing at Busch Stadium.

Together, Emerson and Hudler paved the way for scrappy St. Louis legends such as David Eckstein, Bo Hart, Ian Laperriere, Aaron Miles and Todd “Crazy Legs” Kinchen.

And the Blues are just going to pass over him while they honor the Number 7?  Whatever, Blues.

If they honor the letter “B” and don’t include Bob Bassen, this means war.


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