The Blues Infamous Three Horns Sweater: The Honus Wagner of Hockey Memorabilia?


If you want to snag some attention while hunting for specific items on Craigslist, there’s one simple strategy to get to the top of the list: Fudge the truth.  You want tickets that are being peddled on the site and will pay $99? Oops you accidentally typed in that you’d pay $999. Suddenly you’re at the front of the line and can explain your typo later.

But in some cases, maybe the buyer is the sort of fanatic who actually will pay 500% of market value to support the team (said in Puddy’s voice).  We’re not sure about this guy:

When we stumble upon a Blues fan in a panicked search for a third jersey we find ourselves teetering between two scenarios:

Scenario 1: A Blues fan is simply looking for the sharp navy sweater the team is wearing these days, is willing to pay $75-$100 for it and was in such a rush to get his request public, they forgot the space in between. 

Scenario 2: We’ve got a rogue fan willing to mortgage everything to get his hands on the infamous third jersey that became one of the most hideous monstrosities  in professional sports history even though it was never worn.  Otherwise known as this beast:

Hey, Honus Wagner’s baseball card is up to $2.8 million.  Find an actual Blues fan walking through Scottrade wearing that bad boy and it would be the equivalent to seeing the Abominable Snowman strolling in.  Perhaps in 50 years, the well-documented-but-rarely-seen Three Horns jersey could fetch way more than $75,100. 

We might be witnessing a savvy sports collector build his empire with one investment.


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