The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in pictures…


Names to know: Sam Bradford, Kurt Warner, James Laurinaitis, Ricky Proehl, Justin Smith, Mike Singletary, Steven Jackson, Don Brown and the Entrance to the Hill (man, that would make a tremendous trivia team name).

It’s the Monday after a holiday weekend and before another holiday weekend.

If you’re even at work right now, you’re likely in a regressed stage of egg nog comatose and Christmas cookie denial.  Let’s all sit back, relax and let Don Brown take us back into holiday mode.  Just don’t tell the boss.


An old man sporting a Dane Looker jersey to the biggest Rams game of the year…with another in the distance rocking some Ricky Proehl threads?  Don’t tell me that St. Louisans don’t appreciate scrappy, underachieving white athletes.


Pete Morelli was the head official in the Rams/49ers game on Sunday.  He also did the Rams game when Seattle visited St. Louis in Week 4.  With cold, snowy games commencing around the country, it’s a bit of an injustice that Pete Morelli keeps getting games that are indoors.  With those monkey arms, it’s clear he’s bred for being outdoors.


Former Mizzou DE Justin Smith has an Anheuser-Busch eagle tattoo on his left bicep.  He plays for the 49ers and was, obviously, in St. Louis this past week.  Has anyone questioned him about that weird murder at August Busch IV’s home?  We may have just cracked this case wide open.


Sunday was the Rams’ last regular season home game, so they dubbed it “Fan Appreciation Day“.  Fair enough.  Rams fans are a dedicated and rowdy bunch.  Just shake this guy, wake him up, and he’ll be happy yo tell you.


We gave out a number of our own “Rams Fan Appreciation Day” awards on Sunday via Twitter.  Allow us to recap some of our favorites.

Best Male Ponytail:

Cutest Male/Female Jersey Combo:

Cutest Male/Male Jersey Combo:

Most Redneck Jersey on a Seemingly-Normal Person:


Let’s just say that if James Laurinaitis’ neck completely swallows his head one day, we won’t be surprised.

At all.


49ers head coach Mike Singletary used quarterbacks Troy Smith and Alex Smith interchangeably on Sunday.  Two quarterbacks, both named “Smith”.  One black, one white.

And somehow, racial harmony eludes us.


As time expired in St. Louis, 49ers’ head coach Mike Singletary signaled for one hearty pink slip.  His wish was swiftly granted.  Singletary was let go before he had a chance to unpack his gear at the San Francisco practice facility.  But hey, he asked for it.


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