Thoughts From A Message Board: Retro Blues/Blackhawks Edition


When it comes to rivalries in St. Louis, there aren’t many that were better than the Blues-Blackhawks in the 80′s and 90′s.  And unlike its counterpart in baseball, there really isn’t anything friendly about NHL rivalries. And it wasn’t just the players. Watching people brawl in line for a hot dog wasn’t exactly unusual either.

The crowd at last night’s Blues victory at least hinted at the fact that the intensity when the Hawks come to town was not gone, it’s just been in hibernation for a while. It may have reached it’s pinnacle – at least for Blues fans – in 1992-93 when the Blues snuck into the playoffs with 85 points and took on the Hawks who led the conference with 106 points.

The Blues unexpectedly swept the Blackhawks, finishing them off in a dramatic overtime game at The Arena capped off by a goal that sent Ed Belfour into a stick-ravishing, locker room-terrorizing, mullet-shaking  frenzy.  Who knows, maybe it was constant chanting of his name by Blues fans that set him off…

It’s probably been a while, but we’ve all seen those highlights before.  What made them even more interesting this time was to dip into the venom between Blues and Hawks fans that exists in the most unique of stages – YouTube comments.  Easily the most bizarre, uneducated and usually freakishly intense message board comments come after watching an emotional video on YouTube. 

So we sifted through the 100+ comments, pulled out our favorite characters and highlighted what they brought to an extremely strange table. They included…

…the Sesame Streeter, to whom spelling isn’t a priority even if the word he’s bungling is fairly significant in his verbal assault on the opposition. Hey, doesn’t mean 6 of his buddies won’t throw a thumbs up at it

…the Unnamed Source, whose sole intent is to let everyone know that he is more informed than you, regardless of whether that information is a first hand account of a locker room scene or, in this case, what silent films Ed Belfour’s grandpa used to dig

…the (Im)poster, who never fails to submarine his point by dropping one incorrect fact and promptly being called out by his counterparts.  Not even capitalization and double digit exclamation points could save this fella

…the BrO-T, whose comments are always steering off topic but he’s pretty sure they’re still worthy of a digital fist bump.

…and of course the everpresent Cyber Meathead, who, no matter the topic, wants you to know he’s more manly than you and the people in the video you just watched

 One thing we know is that, if YouTube would have existed the day after this series ended, we’re pretty sure there would have been many a keyboard smashed in the same fashion as Belfour’s stick.


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