10 “Intriguing” Questions for the Rams Preseason Opener


For the casual fan, the annual sports season tends to unfold like a relay race.  Right when one sport is coming to an end, the baton is handed to the next one to follow.

The Cardinals used this week to continue to fall further behind the Brewers but actually seemed to time it perfectly as they kept everyone interested right up to the point where they could hand the baton to the Rams, who play their first preseason game on Saturday.

With the Colts visiting the Edward Jones Dome and the Rams actually getting local fans excited for the first time since before Scott Linehan’s side spike arrived in town, today we turn our attention to football and lay out ten intriguing questions to keep an eye on during Saturday night’s game…

1.) Will Danny Amendola manage to get dirt on his uniform despite playing on artificial turf?

2.) Which knee will Donnie Avery hurt in the first quarter?

3.) At what point in the game will viewers be told that Chris Long has a “great motor”?

4.) Will we see a commercial with Steve Spagnuolo high fiving Ray Vincent during the game?

5.) Who will be the first to try to pronounce Michael Hoomanawanui’s name on live television instead of defaulting to “Illini Mike”?

6.) Are the Rams the only roster in NFL history to feature a guy named Danario (Alexander) and a guy named Damario (Ambrose)?

7.) Will it be after his 1st or 2nd catch of the game that Amendola is compared to Wes Welker?

8.) Will 2011 be the season that the Rams officially have a fan step up to compete in the unofficial “battle of the local super fans” with Towel Guy, Die Hard Cards Fan and Sign Man?

9.) Are we sure Robert Quinn remembers how to play football since he hasn’t done it since 2009?

10.) What will you watch when you find out that the preseason game is blacked out due to the NFL’s bizarre assumption that blacking out preseason games will make more people go to them?


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