Vegas is pretty sure the Rams will suck again in 2012


If you’re an NFL gambling degenerate, last week was a big week.  If you’re an NFL gambling degenerate who is also a die-hard Rams fan, last week was also sort of depressing. 

Last week, Cantor Gaming, the entity that operates numerous casino sports books in Las Vegas, released their opening lines for each week of the NFL season.  Early May might be just a tad bit early to predict how a game being played in October might unfold, it’s still notable to see where their heads are at regarding 2012 matchups. 

For Rams fans, it’s not good.

With Jeff Fisher and Les Snead taking the reigns, Sam Bradford looking to bounce back from a disappointing 2011, a high ceiling draft class coming in, and a fan base that had a full season to learn the “Rams Rules”, one might figure that an improvement over last year’s 2-14 record is reasonable. 

Turns out that Vegas thinks 2-14 is just about right.  The early lines have the Rams as an underdog in 13 games.

As for the widest spread, let’s just say that the huge contingent of hardcore Rams fans in London might be slightly insulted by the line against the Patriots when the teams arrive for their first inaugural trip across the Atlantic Ocean:

The two games the Rams are favored in?  Week 5 at home against Arizona (-1) and Week 15 at home against the Vikings (-3).

For those fans looking for some miniscule glimmer of hope, the lines aren’t always accurate.  In 2011, the Rams were 2-14 overall, but their covers against the 49ers and Bengals, led to an impressive 4-12 record against the spread.

Sure, last year was dismal, and the mere thought of another 2-14 season enhances that feeling, but if you think a company like Cantor Gaming knows their stuff, at least Rams fans have the sweet Week 2 “pick ‘em” game against the Redskins to look forward to.

Highlight of the season…another potentially depressing season.


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