A metaphoric Rams fan got beaned in the head last night.


Last night’s Rams game turned from general excitement to utter disgust pretty quickly.  Amidst the cornucopia of dropped passes and red zone disappointment, there was a moment worth retaining in last night’s 28-16 defeat.

Namely, the celebration that followed Michael Boley’s fumble recovery touchdown for the Giants in the second quarter

Sure, the touchdown occurred against the Rams…but if our home team is only going to get in the end zone once a game, we have to take what we can get.

Oh, the poor soul with the backpack.  He stood with an aura of confidence and enthusiasm; getting this close to the honorable “Monday Night Football” is rare.  After career struggles over the past decade, he knows that.  This is really something.  And then, plunk.  Caught off guard; beaned in the coconut by a presence of athletic prowess that is insurmountable to his inferior stature.

He transcends time.  His struggle is our struggle.

He is Rams fan.



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